Adaptations to Valley Osteopaths during COVID-19


Osteopaths are under review with the new lockdown starting.

This page will be updated as we know more. In the meantime, online bookings are suspended temporarily.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. ​


In order to practice safely and protect you and your osteopath, osteopaths have been issued guidance and new safe practice procedures in this world of “new normal”. 

On this page we’ve outlined that main changes that you will notice from your appointment, osteopath and the clinic. 

You’ll still get the same high standing of osteopathic treatment and care, just with a few tweaks.


Before your appointment

The morning before your appointment you will receive a text message reminder. You will also receive an email the evening before you appointment which details how to arrive for your appointment and also provided your with a form complete the morning of your appointment.
This form is a health/COVID-19 screening and agreement to make sure you are happy to come to your appointment, and that it’s safe for you to come. It’s very simple so don’t worry.
If you have your own mask, great, bring it along. If you don’t we can provide you with a disposable mask. We are asking all patients to wear face coverings, hope you understand.
Clothing: Everything is cleaned between each patient but if you are worried wear loose clothing that Melanie can easily get under, or something like a vest top that can be raised. But, be comfortable.


We are operating a one in one out policy, so to help enforce this we are doing a couple of things.
Please arrive on time for your appointment, not early. The clinic will be sanitised between appointments and and it takes a bit of time. If you do arrive early, please wait in your car or stay somewhere safe until it’s time.
When it’s your appointment time, the clinic will be locked so please knock on the door and Melanie will come and let you in (ignore the sign if it says closed!).
When you get in, pop on your mask if you’re not already wearing one (or take the one given to you) and use the hand sanitiser by the door.
Melanie take your temperature before taking you through to the treatment room for your appointment.

Appointments & your osteopath

We’ve had to change the appointment times to allow for cleaning, sanitation and PPE change between patients. So if the appointments appear a bit different or there aren’t as many, that’s why.
We are no longer offering water or refreshments and the toilet is out of use patients. If you can, try and use your own loo before your appointment (if it’s an emergency we’ll not let you suffer though, so don’t worry).
We are asking patients to pay with contactless cards or phones as much as possible. Very sorry, but we are not accepting cash at the moment.
You osteopath, Melanie will also look a bit different. She’ll be wearing PPE she feels appropriate on the day. This may include scrubs, apron, mask, visor, gloves. So don’t be afraid! 


For the foreseeable future we will be operating without a receptionist. Because of this, if you call during working hours we may not be able to answer you call straight away. If you leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as we, can but it may be after work. We thank you for you patience with this.
To get in touch or for an appointment, it may be better to try other means of communication: 
  • email
  • message us on Facebook or
  • book online on this website


I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone. You’ve had your appointments cancelled since March and you’ve been so understanding. Thank you for staying safe.

Now we’re back and re-opening I’d like to thank you in advance for helping me to help you keep safe during these changes and adaptations we’re all having to make. Looking forward to helping everyone again. 


Osteopath – Owner Valley Osteopaths 

What we've done to keep you safe as possible:

  • Full risk assessment.
  • Comprehensive safety protocols.
  • Comprehensive cleaning protocols / schedule.
  • Room aired between appointments.
  • Deep clean between appointments.
  • Gaps between appointments to allow time for this.
  • Cleaning products used are the best quality & safe.
  • Pre-appointment health check form for everyone.
  • One in / one out policy.
  • Temperature check on arrival.
  • Alcohol hand sanitiser for your use.
  • Free disposable mask if you forget or don't have your own.
  • Compliant / appropriate PPE.
  • Clean linen / towel for each patient.
  • Furniture covered in wipe-able material.
  • Fewer appointments for reduced exposure.